Grooming Prices

Effective 1st January 2023


Everyday Full Groom

This includes a bath, blow dry, short clip, nails cut, eyes and ears cleaned. Every bath also includes an express ‘berry bright’ facial which the dogs love and it’s gentle on the eyes.


Small Dog  (up to 10kgs) 

(e.g. Maltese, Shih Tzu)


from $85  

Medium Dog

(e.g. Cocker Spaniel)


from $95

Large Dog

(e.g. Border Collie)


from $120  

Important - Matted Coats

An additional surcharge of $10.00 will apply for dogs that have matted coats which require a pre-clip to remove the matting before bathing.


Specialised Clips

Breed Clips    


from $95  

Asian & Modern Fusion e.g. teddy bear   

from $95


Asian & Modern Fusion is ideal for those wishing to have more length left on the body and legs. However, these clips are only suitable for dogs that are on a regular grooming schedule of every 6-8 weeks and whose coats are regularly brushed and combed at home to maintain a matte and tangle free coat.



Price upon enquiry.


Bath, Blow Dry & Tidy And Puppy’s First Groom

Small Dog (up to 10kgs)  


from $50  

Medium Dog  


from $60  

Large Dog  


from $70  

This is perfect for in between the full grooms. It’s a good way to keep your dog’s coat and skin in optimum condition. Besides the bath and blow dry, we do a full brush out and then trim around the eyes, bum, paw pads and clip the nails. This is also perfect for young puppies to introduce them to the grooming process early. We like to take our time and make the experience a gentle and positive experience for the pups.


Please note that this service is not available for dogs with matted coats and/or dogs that have not been groomed in the last 8-12 weeks.

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Please note that our books are currently closed to new customers with large dog breeds.  When and if we are able to accept large breeds in the future, this message will be removed.

Thank you.