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We value your business and make every effort to ensure that your dog's grooming appointment will be a professional, stress free and enjoyable experience.  Here is some important information to remember when booking and arriving for your appointment :


  1. Please toilet your dog prior to entering the premises.  There are plenty of bushes at the side of the building for your dog to use.  If you require a poop bag please let us know.  
  2. If you are a new customer please allow extra time on arrival to fill out our Customer Registration Card.
  3. Before we groom your dog for the first time it's very important to advise us of any health issues that your dog may have, particularly any skin sensitivities or lumps and bumps and/or any more serious issues such as heart conditions, epilepsy etc.
  4. We must always be informed if your dog has ever shown any aggression in the past, either to other dogs or people. This will not necessarily exclude them from being groomed but it means that we can take the necessary measures to ensure a safe environment for the staff and any other dogs in our care.
  5. Our appointments run as follows : Morning Session - drop off at 9am and 9.15am with a pick up time of 1pm for all dogs.  Afternoon Session - drop off at 1.30pm and 1.45pm with a pick up of 5.30pm for all dogs.
  6. We strongly believe in HUMANITY OVER VANITY and if your dog is heavily matted we will always choose the kinder and safer option of clipping off the mattes. It is dangerous and extremely uncomfortable for a dog if we try and clip through the mattes as the blades can get caught and injuries can occur. This is why we need to clip under the mattes which often results in your dog having a shorter coat than you would have wished for.  We will always discuss the options with you beforehand and ensure that everyone is happy with what is to be done.  We always put your dog's comfort and care above all else.  We hope that you will understand and support this.
  7. We regularly take photos of the dogs we groom and post them on our Facebook page or put them in our website photo gallery.  If you have any objection to us using images of your dog then please let us know as soon as possible.  
  8. Please note :  WE ARE A FLEA FREE SALON

If you suspect that your dog may have fleas please ensure that you treat your dog prior to your grooming appointment.  If using a spot on application please allow sufficient time for the product to work.  If we find live fleas on your dog you will be charged a $20 surcharge which is for the cost of an additional flea bath and the spraying and treatment of our equipment and the salon.